1. Teaching methods in classrooms of learning disabled students 1983-1988.
  2. Learning disabled students together with others in the classroom 1985-1994.
  3. Innovation of the teaching methods of special needs children’s classroom in Veszprem County 1987-1990.
  4. Development of the Central Curricula for the Education of Special Needs Schools 1997
  5. School system of the Japan (No1 place of the Hungarian Scientific Organisation of University Students 1996-97.
  6. Nationwide representative research „Children with learning difficulties in elementary schools of Hungarian villages” Hungarian Sciences Academy 1998-2002
  7. Curricula developing for adult education, Berzsenyi Daniel Teacher Training College 2000
  8. Inclusive education of children with learning difficulties, Hungarian Scientific Academy 2000-2001
  9. Optional curricula developing for the special schools, Ministry of Education, Budapest 2001
  10. University students’ approaches toward the integration of special educational needs, Berzsenyi Daniel Teacher Training College 2004
  11. Practising teachers’ attitudes toward the SEN West Hungary University 2007
  12. Know how of women learning (Six countries wide research), Grundtvig Fundation of EU 2008
  13. Ready For Inclusion Comenius School Partnership on Special Education 2009